Persian Cucumber Yogurt Dip: Mast Khiar

Mast khiar dip

Chilled Yogurt Dip; prepared with love and passion

Experience the true essence of Persian cuisine catering with our signature Mast o Khiar, meticulously crafted using an authentic recipe that has been passed down through generations. We source only the finest ingredients, including crisp cucumbers, creamy yogurt and aromatic herbs, to create a dip that captures the essence of Persian flavors. Each spoonful of our authentic Persian dip is a refreshing and satisfying at any wedding ceremony catering table.

Refreshing Cucumber Yogurt Dip: A Taste of Persia's Delight

Elevate your events with the freshness of Mast o Khiar, a delightful Persian yogurt and cucumber dip that adds a touch of elegance and a burst of refreshing flavors to any occasion. At Jooje exclusive Catering, we specialize in delivering an exceptional culinary experience, and our signature Mast o Khiar mezze,  is the perfect addition to make your event truly memorable.

Mint & Yogurt Refreshing Dip

Elevate Your Culinary Journey with Mast o Khiar Yogurt Dip

Experience the allure of Mast o Khiar, a quintessential Persian delight that effortlessly complements a diverse array of dishes and cuisines. This versatile appetizer pairs harmoniously with succulent grilled meats, tender chicken kebab skewer, fragrant rice creations, or warm, pillowy flatbreads, weaving a tapestry of flavors that dance on your palate. The creamy coolness of Mast o Khiar balances and enriches the main course, while its invigorating essence awakens the senses, leaving an indelible impression that lingers long after the meal is over.

Unforgettable Events with Jooje Catering in QLD

Step into a realm of unforgettable moments with Jooje Gold Coast Catering. Our commitment to crafting extraordinary events is reflected in every facet of our meticulous catering service. Specializing in Persian cuisine, we transform gatherings into cherished memories, and our Mast o Khiar yogurt dip is a testament to our dedication. Its authentic flavours and refreshing allure captivate your guests, elevating the entire dining experience and ensuring that your event leaves an everlasting mark.

Mast khiar dip

Introducing the Creamy Cucumber Dip – Your Perfect Starter

Elevate your upcoming event with an exquisite touch by indulging in our Creamy Cucumber Yogurt Dip, a cornerstone of Middle Eastern authenticity that matches any halal food for any occasions. This luxurious cucumber dip takes centre stage at your gathering, expertly prepared and artfully presented by our experienced team. Crafted with love and precision, our Mast o Khiar embodies the heart of Persian tradition, infusing time-honoured techniques and premium ingredients to guarantee an unparalleled culinary voyage for you and your esteemed guests.

Theme: A Journey to the Heart of Persia with Mast o Khiar Mezze

Embark on a sensory exploration of Persia’s vibrant culinary landscape with our Mast o Khiar Mezze. This enchanting side dish encapsulates the very essence of Persian fare, boasting a harmonious blend of creamy yogurt, crisp cucumbers, and aromatic herbs that tantalize the taste buds and transport you to a realm of pure gastronomic delight.

For the Enthusiasts: A Taste that Knows No Boundaries

Mast o Khiar’s allure extends to a diverse array of palates. Whether you’re a lover of Mediterranean influences, a devotee of delectable poultry dishes, a plant-based enthusiast, or simply a connoisseur of distinct Persian flavours, our Mast o Khiar Mezze promises to satisfy every craving, making it an irresistible addition to any culinary affair.

Ideal for All Gatherings: Elevate Every Occasion

Elevate every gathering with the captivating presence of our Mast o Khiar Mezze. From casual family gatherings to elegant corporate soirées, this exquisite offering effortlessly complements a spectrum of celebration and the best choice for engagement or birth day party catering for small group. For those who relish sharing moments and embarking on flavourful journeys, our Mast o Khiar Mezze takes your event to new heights.

Three Tempting Variations of Persian Dips

Savour our Mast o Khiar Mezze in three delectable variations, each a symphony of taste:

  1. Classic: Immerse yourself in tradition with our timeless blend of creamy yogurt, cool cucumbers, and subtle garlic, garnished with dried mint for an authentic Persian touch.
  2. Zesty: Awaken your senses with a zesty twist – the perfect harmony of tangy lemon juice, lively lime zest, and a hint of chili flakes for an exciting burst of flavour.
  3. Herb-Infused: Elevate your experience with a herb-infused rendition, where fresh dill, mint, and parsley meld to create an herbaceous symphony that captivates the palate.

A Healthier Delight: Nourishment for Body and Soul

Indulge in guilt-free gastronomy with our Mast o Khiar Mezze, crafted from natural, wholesome ingredients. Yogurt lends protein and probiotics, while cucumbers hydrate and provide essential vitamins. It’s a nourishing option that embraces your well-being.

Perfect Pairings: An Enriching Culinary Ensemble

Enhance your culinary adventure by pairing Mast o Khiar Mezze with a selection of quintessential Persian dishes, including Kuku Sabzi, Persian Flatbread and Hummus, Kashk e Bademjan, Mirza Ghasemi, and Dolmeh. These enchanting companions elevate your meal, creating an enchanting symphony of flavours that leaves a lasting impression.

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