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Wedding Food Packages, at its Best

Picture a team that embraces you with open arms, a team that finds joy in walking beside you as you weave the tapestry of your dream wedding. Our passion is to transform your vision into a tangible reality, one sumptuous bite at a time.

Hire Top Gold Coast Caterer for Weddings & Ceremony and From cherished memories at your favourite dining haven to your most adored dishes, we transform your culinary desires into an exquisite wedding menu. Let our wedding catering team be the architects of unforgettable memories, regardless of your chosen space.

Dishes & Packages

For a sophisticated dining affair, explore our extensive list of plated options that promise to keep your guests satiated throughout the night. Our meticulously wedding platter packages & curated menu caters to diverse preferences and dietary requirements.

From classic to innovative, our affordable wedding catering service offerings ensure a delightful culinary journey. Should you desire a more refined experience, our degustation menus are available upon request, adding an extra layer of elegance to your celebration.

Classic Hamburger


Range or grilled burgers from grass-fed beef and lamb, seasoned with apices and served with delicious sides and drinks.

Char Grilled Steak


Charcoal grilled juicy steaks from local Australian farms, cooked to your desired temperature, and served with a fresh Ju’.

Shared Platters

Shared platters

Sharing platters for couples, families and even larger groups gives you a chance to try all different cuts of meats and dishes.



Gather together for an evening relax or weekend get together and start the party with nibbles and wings, and a cold beer.



range of Breakfast dishes from all around the world, prepared with love and cooked on flame.

toastie and snack

Toastie and snack

delicious and hearty snacks for all occasions, preferences and diets. from toasts to wraps and sandwiches.

refreshing dip

Refreshing Dip

From yogurt dips like mast khiar to greek and middle eastern side dishes, you can elevate your main dishes with smooth dips.

Asparagus Salad

Fancy Salads

Healthy and nutritious salads can be fancy too. from Asparagus Salad to caesar and spring salads with your choice of dressing.


kebabs & Skewers

Nothing tastes better than a charred and fire juicy kebab. Tender and juicy chicken kebab to brazilian picanha.

Top Wedding Caterer in South Queensland

Are you ready to embrace a truly one-of-a-kind encounter with exceptional fare and service? At Jooje wedding Catering in gold coast, we craft every element to echo your vision of the perfect wedding day. Embark on this culinary voyage with us and watch your dreams come to life. The journey to your remarkable wedding begins with a simple step – booking with Jooje Catering.


We are not just ordinary gold coast wedding caterers; we are your devoted companions from the very inception of your odyssey.

Is wedding catering expensive?

A perfect wedding catering requires a high level of planning, cost of renting primary and backup equipments, arranging logistics, and staff training to ensure your wedding ceremony goes smooth and without any hiccups.

Do you offer customisable wedding food menu?

As a GC top wedding caterer in Gold Coast, we sit down with you to help you choose from our wedding catering package; ranging from buffet, platter, Char grill Steaks, bbq catering for small group, Roasted Vegetables, Skewers, toasts, refreshing dips, and more.

Should a wedding be buffet?

The choice between a buffet or sit-down banquet depends entirely on your wedding style, and how your guests enjoy their food. If your wedding ceremony is less formal, then wedding caterer should know that buffet better than plated.

What’s the average cost per person for wedding catering services?

Wondering how much does it cost to cater a wedding? The average cost per person for wedding catering can vary widely depending on factors like location, menu choices, the level of service, and the caterer’s reputation. On average, wedding catering in gold coast may costs from $40 to $150 or more per person.

Delight in every bite:

Elevate your reception with interactive food stations that enthrall your guests. Imagine a live pasta station where skilled chefs create dishes to order, or a sushi bar that invites guests to craft their own delectable rolls.

All-Inclusive Delights:
We embrace dietary diversity, offering exquisite options for every palate. From vegetarian and vegan to gluten-free and allergen-friendly menus, we ensure everyone enjoys an exceptional dining experience.

Exclusive Tasting Soiree:
Join us for an intimate chef’s tasting event, where you and your partner savor and select the dishes that will grace your wedding feast. It’s a chance to refine your menu in an ambiance as special as your love.

Kiddie Delights:
Even the youngest guests deserve a delectable dining experience. Our specially curated children’s menu ensures that pint-sized palates are delighted and satisfied.

Artistry on Every Plate:
Immerse your guests in a visual feast with our innovative food presentation. We elevate your dining experience through masterful plating, edible works of art, and thematic displays that engage all senses.

Perfect Pairings:
Elevate your meal with our expertly curated food and wine pairings. Each sip complements every bite, creating a harmonious marriage of flavors that tantalizes the senses.

Cheers to Love:
Raise a glass to your union with signature drinks that tell your story. Our mixologists craft bespoke cocktails inspired by your journey, giving your guests a taste of your love story in every sip.